Most of us use a VPN to establish connections to private networks from public ones. By doing this, we ensure that most of our data can’t be stolen. But what about when we’re inputting information? Can our passwords be stolen by hackers?

The answer is yes—but only if the VPN is untrusted, and there are ways to protect yourself against that.

First, let’s talk about keyloggers and spyware. Keyloggers are programs that sit on your computer and record everything you type. They’re usually installed by hackers who want to get access to your data in order for financial gain or for political purposes. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a secure connection with an IPsec tunnel—if there’s a keylogger on your computer, it can still steal the information from your keyboard as soon as you type it in!

Spyware works similarly: it sits on your computer, recording all kinds of data about what programs you use and what websites you visit—even if they have nothing to do with the internet at all! And then it sends this information back

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