Starting a VPN business is very profitable, as the demand for privacy and security online has become huge. At the same time, it is quite difficult to do. You need to make a significant investment, hire a team of IT specialists to provide technical support for your clients and create a VPN app from scratch.

However, there is an easier way out: you can buy a white-label VPN software that will help you start your business in no time at all.

A white label VPN solution is an automated system that includes a fully featured VPN application and all the necessary administrative tools. The user interface is easy to use, and it comes with top-notch features, including support for various platforms such as Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and others. There are many premade templates available with the optimal feature set.

You can also ask the developers to create a custom VPN product that will meet your specific needs.

Features of White Label VPN Software Solution:
User Management:  This feature will allow you to manage all your users in one place. It will help you to add, edit, remove or suspend the accounts of the users associated with the website.

Client Area & Admin Area: This feature will help the user to login and access their account from a white label website or a branded reseller control panel. The admin area is provided for the admin to manage their content and settings on the website.

Order and Product Management:  This feature will allow your customers to order products and services directly from your site. The products can be managed in the admin area using this feature.

Payment Gateway Integration: Various payment gateways can be integrated into your website using this feature which allows you to accept payments both online and offline.

Shopping Carts:  Shopping Cart is an essential aspect of any VPN business that allows the user of a VPN business to view, change and update their packages orders easily without any hassle.

Support Ticket System:  Support Ticket System is a must have feature for VPN businesses as it allows them to respond quickly to customer queries and concerns through support tickets created from your site.

So with the help of a White Label VPN Software Solution all the work can be handled by itself. This software solution can help you sell your services conveniently and efficiently as well. You just need a Dedicated server and WHITE LABEL VPN SOFTWARE. Once you get these two things, you just need to install the software on your system and integrate the dedicated server with it. After that, you can start selling VPN services in your own brand name. Smarters Solutions provides you the best White Label VPN Software Solution with the maximum features. So if your ever make your mind of starting your VPN Business then you can visit :

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